Sunday, July 24, 2005

What do Paris Hilton and Liz have in common?

Paris Hilton lives a lavish socialite lifestyle, full of cat-fights, sex tapes, 4 million dollar necklaces, parties (though she says she'd like to give up the party-girl life), and cocaine...

Liz lives in a studio apartment, just got a bartending education, owes several thousand in educational debts, is unemployed, and and is not looking to get out of the party-girl life.

So it would seem that Paris Hilton and Liz have very little in common.

That's a fair statement.

But there is one thing we do have in common. We both have at least one pair of big, white, Chanel sunglasses.

Yeah, I acquired them on my Friday night out at the bar (as you might have already read) and today I went down to Chanel to see if they were real... and they are.

So once again, alcohol was involved, and Liz wins at life!! HUZZAH!


In other areas of life, the job search has begun!

Upon graduation from bartending school I immediately applied for two jobs... I haven't heard back from either of them.

I have also been very busy tracking down leads for a bartending gig... it's a crazy business!


So that's really the long and short of it all.

You kids behave yourselves, and we'll chat soon! Take care now! Bye bye then!

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