Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Best quotes I can manage at the moment: (Don't hate me, I know they are pretty lame... but you bitches don't communicate the way you used to!)


Liz: you're so doomed.
Krystian: at least i'll be in "good" company
Liz: I'm afraid we can't hang out anymore... I'm afraid you will be struck by lightning... because I have the feeling that God will smite us both, and when we get together we are an easy 2 for 1 target
Krystian: haha, true!

(Krystian will be going to Spain soon)
Liz: You know I'm worth a spanish post card too!!!
Krystian: Positive!
Liz: ...after all, I kept you in clean volleyball gear for years! And I even added dryer sheets!
Krystian: got me thurr...aight, you'z gon' get boaf'
(Krystian is SO GHETTO!)

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