Friday, August 05, 2005

... And that's why I want to stab you in the face.

Lizzle is poor.

Lizzle is a poor grump.

Lizzle is a poor grump, because she is BORED.

Lizzle is a poor grump, because she is BORED, because she has no job.

... And that's why Lizzle wants to stab you in the face.


Michael K. is a sick-head today! ...Well, that bitch is sick in the head every day, but today he's got some kind of illness that could be diagnosed by a doctor.

I think he caught a touch of the dick-matized-flu. That'll happen from time to time.

MK, We love you and we hope you feel better soon!!!



Mary: "I didn't fart in the car!"
Pat: "Well, then why did it stink so bad?"
Mary: "I don't know, we were on the south side... EVERYTHING down there smells bad!"
Pat: "Well, from now on whenever people get into my car, I'm going to tell them 'I apologize for the smell, but Mary let one rip and we've never been able to get the stink out.'"
Pat:"I think it's probably clinging to the cloth..."