Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lizzle = A giant anger parfait!

In the words of Kirsten "The Admiral" McLinden, I'm an anger parfait!

Back to the old routine of being jobless, and without the internet… or, at least, I think that’s what’s going on. For the last 48 hours I have been internet deprived, and this renewed withdrawal has made me once again realize that I am an internet addict, and that there is no better reason to get a job than to have a regular, consistent internet connection. (Well, that, and being able to buy food, and clothing, and pay rent.)

As if the joblessness and internet-less-ness weren’t enough to ensure that I’d be grumpy all day, I also only managed to sleep for three hours the other night. What a bunch of bunk. This didn’t improve my overall demeanor going into an interview to work for a catering company bartending at some corporate golf outing in Wheaton. Of course, when I got there early, to fill out my paperwork, it was that horrendous kind of paperwork where you have to answer the same question 12 times on 12 different sheets because apparently they couldn’t just have you write it once and then copy it, or keep everything together. So I spent LITERALLY an hour and a half writing and rewriting my work history, my educational background, and my personal info OVER AND OVER AND OVER… You can just feel the anger building by this point, can’t you?

So I left there, once the orientation was over, not sure whether or not I’d actually be working, and pursued other job leads in the sweltering August-in-the-city weather. (This is not helping my mood, nor my appearance, as I try to remain neat and pressed for potential employers… because I am nothing if not professional!)

Three interviews later, I sit here no better off.

One guy told me, “I’m not saying no, I won’t hire, you, I’m just saying not right now.” …so I don’t really know what to think there. I was told to try back in two weeks. Gross.

Enough of the grumpy Lizzle-cake!


Someone from the E-Vegas is livin’ large in the city: Beth Howell was in the Red Eye yesterday… she got a thumbs up for dressing beautifully! Way to go Beth!



“Yeah, that’s WEIRD… People don’t do that… they must be fucking, because that’s not normal.” ~ Anthony.

Sarah: “All these pieces are straight… I need some that are like RuPaul!”
Stephanie: “What do you mean, ‘Like RuPaul?’”
Liz: “You know, not straight.”

“I would love to work at Improv Kitchen, of course they are all theater-oriented, and I’m a spaz like that!” ~Anthony

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