Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I jinxed it.

Yeah, so I spoke too soon by saying that I'd be using my old computer while my new computer is in the shop.

Shortly after I posted last night's update, my old computer flashed the blue screen of death and instantly became a very expensive paperweight.


So, now I'm on to plan C, which is using the computers up on campus when I get a chance.


So, provided that all of the computers at Loyola University's Lake Shore campus don't fail at once or that I am not struck by a passing car on Sheridan Rd (Both of which are entirely plausible) I should still occasionally be around... Though not as frequently as normal... But when I am around, you can count on a much more reliable internet connection!

In the meantime, you'll just have to rest assured that I still love you, and that this internet hiatus is not my choice, rather it was thrust upon me.


In other news, it appears as though in addition to my ailing computers, and my ailing grandmothers, my uncle Jim is now experiencing health troubles.

For those of you who are in regular contact with the god of your choosing, please talk to him/her/it, and give my fam a mention... We can use all the help we can get these days. (Especially considering that doctors don't know what's wrong with my uncle Jim, my cousin Kim is due to give birth any time, and both of my grandmothers are convalescing for their assorted ailments at present.)

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