Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sick-head, and BBQ pictures

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, God is a funny character with one sick sense of humor. Just when you think things really can't get any worse, leave it to the big man upstairs to give you a free preview into just how things CAN, in fact, be worse.

I am sick.

I hate bing sick, especially when I don't have anybody to take care of me.

It's a miserable experience. Fortunately it is only a temporary preview into the worsening of things... God did this to let me know that it could be permanent, so I had just better watch it!

So that's a day of job searching down the toilet... and we'll see how tomorrow goes.


Here are the pics from Monday night's 2nd Annual Flower Slinger BBQ*

*It should be noted that a good time was had by all, including Christine, who got more intoxicated than I ever thought I'd ever have the opportunity to see!


While waiting for C, I noticed this sign that made me giggle... because I have an oft juvenile sense of humor.

I mean really, everybody should have some turtle nuts in their iced latte, don't you think? Someone in the ad world is either brilliant or really unaware of people with dirty minds.


And then there were these characters... both in SILVER shirts, and one sporting what is in fact a silver zebra-print cowboy hat.... I mean WOW!


This is Joyce just relaxin' late in the evening (I couldn't get the pics to load in the right order, so get over it.)


Christine is drunk and showing everyone just how much she likes a cookie!


Susan and Ashour enjoying themselves.


Why is it that I am continually finding myself with my toes near a citronella candle instead of a campfire???


Flower slingers, Liz, Shannon and Christine!


The table certainly seems to look like we had a good time.


Ciara is a cheese-ball! But we love her!


Flower slingers, Ciara, Shannon, and Chris.


Christine felt the need to prove to Shannon that she did have perrenials in her garden, (even in total darkness!)


sorry there aren't more pics, or more interesting ones, but I was too busy drinking and laughing at my fellow flower slingers.

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