Monday, September 25, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen, the Lizzle is pooped.

Please allow me to explain.

When it's been 4 months since your last paycheck and you don't know when the next paycheck might be coming, and you are scrimping and hoarding the change that you find under the bed, or in the closet, just so that you can make the train fare, and do a little laundry so that you can look presentable for your next round of interviews, you learn a thing or two about keeping yourself entertained with free activities.

And we all know that my personal favorite free activity is sleep. (Hey, you learn to love to do the things you know that you do very well.) And we also know that my bed is legendary for its unsurpassed comfort... Long story short, I'm an EXCELLENT sleeper. And I really love that it's an enjoyable activity that I can engage in and that doesn't cost me a penny...


Now that I'm on a 9-5 schedule again, and not spending my afternoons lounging around my apartment checking e-mail and awaiting call backs, I'm not getting in that afternoon nap I'd become so accustomed to. I'm not sleeping nearly as late as I used to either. And so the Lizzle is pooped. She is still adjusting to the old 9-5 routine.

Don't get me wrong. I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT MY JOB ALREADY. I'm just saying that the adjustment is taking a little time. It's taking all I can muster to keep my eyes open to post for you all this evening.

Speaking of posts, I see you folks are sympathetic to my bad roommate plight. I am glad that I'm not crazy for thinking that Penny was totally bonkers. Yeah, sure, when I complained to my friends about this stuff as it was going on they were sympathetic, but then again they had to listen to it day in and day out while it was happening, and they were my friends.

Funny thing is that I have a sneaking suspicion that Penny occasionally stops in here and checks up on things... I mean if you knew someone had this kind of dirt on you, wouldn't you stop in and see what was going on? Yeah, I thought so. But that gets me wondering what kind of tales she tells about me. I mean I know I never did anything as desperate or stupid as whipping my boob out in a crowded bar in front of her friends, but I know that in the end she looked at me with a great deal of contempt, so I have to wonder what errors I might have committed that she looked on as being egregious. I think I'm a pretty good roommate, but when you're dealing with someone as unhinged as Penny, there's no telling what she's telling people. I don't think she's got any real dirt on me, but then again, she's not above fabricating something to make me look as bad as I know she was... Funny thing about that is, when someone disgustingly flashes a table full of your friends, you're the one with witnesses. (In fact, I have no doubt that I'd have repressed the memory of that evening in its entirety if it hadn't been for someone who witnessed the events of that evening who brought up what happened at a party I attended not long after Penny and I permanently parted ways.)

And for as much as I complained about Penny, a lot of it was pretty standard bad roommate stuff... There are only a few stories of full-blown psychosis in action. You've seen two such tales, (or three depending on how you're counting that first story which was actually two separate events told together so that you had some kind of background). I'll do my best to come up with more for you kids, because I know you like them, but I'm just saying while it might be a multi-part series, it's not going to be a particularly long-running series. But then again, I have had several crazed roommates in my time. So there are other stories to be told...


Same Lizzle Time, Same Lizzle Channel!

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