Monday, September 18, 2006

Waiting is the hardest part...

Ok, it's Monday afternoon. I had the interview this morning. I think it went well. (Very well, to be exact.) And now I am just waiting for them to call my references and to hopefully make an offer. It certainly didn't hurt that I showed them a little trick on the computer to make their e-mails look better. And so while I await word on my fate, I have been tinkering with my computer for a while, and I've gotten this thing to recognize who the boss is... Kinda.

It still kind of wigs out when I try to upload pictures, but in a round about way we're getting the job done. And so now I present you with a kind of a hodgepodge that would have been several different posts had my computer not been such a bitch. Just be glad you get to see them at all.

First off, remember back when it was hot out and I bitched and moaned about how my air conditioner wasn't working? And then I got to tinkering and got it to work... Well one day when I knew I'd had the thing running for a couple hours and the apartment didn't feel any cooler when I got home, I came to find out that it was then working a little too well... Which prevented it from working at all... Don't ask me how this happened, but I took the cover off and found this:

Bitch had frozen over!

Speaking of icy things, here's a shot of the best damn raspberry mojito in the city of Chicago! (And yes, it was ever bit as delicious as it looks!)

This was of course while we were out for Maxine's birthday at Carnivale... Just look at this wrecking crew:

Here's a better shot of those damn fools!

And of course one of the birthday girl herself:

And then there's Anthony, my poor, pooped little pumpkin!

And here's a shot that I enjoy, only because it's the name of a salon here in the windy city... I might be alone here, but I think this is a great name for a salon! And to do it in neon lights, well, that's just fabulous!

This is a shot from one of the soccer games I attended recently. I feel it's important to prove to you all that I do occasionally leave the house.

And then the other day as I was on my way home from an interview, I had one of those moments when I looked up and just had to say "WHAT THE FUCK?" And it's really great at times like that when you realize you have your camera with you and you can snap a picture with ease to prove to everyone else that you're not crazy.

May I present to you, the guy practicing his nunchucks in the subway. Yeah... Nunchucks. Swinging. Freely practiced. In the subway.

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