Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First day back in the big leagues...

Well, today marked my grand re-entry into corporate America. And all went well... relatively speaking. I got in early, I helped people move things to prepare for my arrival, I got situated, I filled out paperwork, and got busy. My office e-mail isn't working just yet, so that slowed things down, but it wasn't my fault, so it's ok. I opened with a joke and it was smooth sailing from then on out.

Seeing as I am back in a real estate office, and people in the real estate world here know each other, jokes were made about my old office, and I laughed and joined right in!

You all remember office porn guy, right? Well the short version of working with him was that he was a wretched human being. He has a completely overblown ego, an arrogance that is completely unfounded to the world outside his head, and other equally gross qualities. Put simply: not at all a likable individual. Especially when you work in a support type of role and have to take last minute orders and make things work. I detested him. I found out today that EVERYONE ELSE detests him too. There was a little chatter during one of my interviews that made me suspect that he wasn't the most highly thought of broker in the game, but today the chatter was full blown conversation, and my contribution to the conversation was healthy, and everyone else got a more complete picture of the supreme asshole that he is. People asked the questions, I gave the honest answers... The answers included, "He is an organizational disaster! I was expected to overhaul and re-organize ALL of his files on a weekly basis," and "Yeah, part of my job included going into his office on a Friday afternoon before I left and cleaning up his desk, which included organizing all of his paperwork into 'neater piles' and throwing away the bottles/cans/glasses that he would spit into while chewing tobacco." I left out the bit about the porn... I have a feeling that's best saved for another day. And everyone else fed into it. They told their stories, they fed the flames... We all had a great laugh at his expense. Before all the story telling began, one of my new bosses who has had some dealings with *Joe (office porn guy's pesudonym) in the past, approached my desk and said, "HEY LIZ! I've got a great surprise for you!"

"Oh yeah? What's that? A sign-on bonus?"

"Umm, no. Actually Joe is going to stop in here and see how you're settling in at your new office!"

[GROAN....] "If I ever see him again it'll be too soon!"

It went on from there. I enjoyed it immensely!

So as you can see it was a good day, and everyone felt comfortable enough with me to be themselves and let it all hang out.

Half of the office is in Michigan tomorrow, so it'll be a very light day for all of us. I like the idea of getting paid to kind of ease into things. (Hell, I like the idea of getting paid. PERIOD!)

And so there you have it!

I would like to take this opportunity to poll you. We already addressed the question, but now I'm looking for solid answers. Please vote here, and let me know what you think!

I love you bitches! Thanks for being so damn hot!

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