Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back into the salt mines...

Tomorrow (or today depending on how compulsive you are about reading this blog) is my first day at the new job. So that means I'll be on my best behavior. Not checking blogs, not checking my e-mail, not checking my phone messages, filling out tax forms, you know, standard first day fare. The behavior will almost certainly be changed over time, as I establish myself as a quality employee, you know how it is.

I know that all of you have some idea of how miserable I have been lately, and if you take that and compound it over the course of four and a half months, you might have some kind of idea just how happy I am to get back to work and back to earning a real paycheck. (Lucky for me I am good with saving money for a rainy day, making things work on a very tight budget, soliciting favors from those who love me and juggling things around when things run dry.)

I saw a t-shirt not too long ago, and I didn't buy it because I was conserving funds until I knew I had more money on the horizon... and now I think I'll either go buy that shirt, or make my own version. The original shirt said, "I'm not lucky, I'm good." I like that a great deal, but if I do it myself, I'm going to take it a step further and have it say, "I'm not at all lucky, I'm just VERY VERY good." I think it fits, especially now.

In other news, my sister who only got engaged in May has decided to move her wedding up from next September to THIS November! That's only two months! Which means the lizzle has to start playing "operation: anorexia" stat! A girl has to look good in the family photos! The reason for the sudden date change is an unavoidable circumstance in the family. (Dad told me, I was sorry to hear about it. So sorry, Kim!)

And since I've got work in the morning I'm going to be heading to bed so that I am as fresh as a daisy! (A couple of cups of coffee should go a long way to that end as well...)

Goodnight my lovelies!

And in the words of Tim Gunn, "Carry on!"

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