Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nothing new to report... (UPDATED)

Yeah, there isn't a damn thing going on here. I don't want to bore you with the same old run of the mill report, and normally I'd bust out one of my more amusing older stories, but I can't think of a good one right now.

So I'm passing the buck here. Right now it's up to you. What do you want to read about? Give me a topic, ANY TOPIC! (odds are pretty damn good I've got something for you!) You got a question? Give me a question!

I've got old roommate stories, but those are way too involved to get into right now.

So have at it sluts!

I'm at your mercy.

Be kind!


For the record these aren't wildly entertaining stories, but rather the boring reality of my "landmark" days... Personally I prefer my landmark days to start out as unremarkable occasions that become more incredible because of the events you create. I find that the more planning that is involved is the direct inverse of the fun level. But here goes nothin'!
Summer asked -

How about the first place you drove to with friends in the car?

I don't remember the answer to this one. I got my license before any of those limiting types of laws went into effect. We were allowed to have friends in the car right away. If I had to guess.... Hmm, I got my license in December so I probably drove some friends to the mall for some Christmas shopping.

Your first date, real date. Dinner would be a good place to start. Did he pay? Did you give'em an awkward, teenage smooch?

Hmm... First date... That would have been a boy we'll call "Brian." Brian and I met through some mutual friends. After seeing each other at a few social events and at the homes of our mutual friends we decided we wanted to see each other on a more individual basis. We met up at a friend's house because it was before I had a license, and after a short time we left together. We went to a little Chinese restaurant and from what I can recall we had a lovely time. I think we went an playe putt putt, or something equally lame, but hey we were in high school, give us a break! He paid for everything. Or more accurately I guess I should say that HIS PARENTS paid for everything, because I know he didn't have a job. And I know I felt like an ass because I did have a job and he wouldn't let me throw in. But it was all very sweet. There was a kiss at the end of it, though it wasn't the first for either of us, so it wasn't as awkward as you might imagine. (Yeah, I had my first kiss before I had my first date! SHUT UP!) We talked on the phone for probably a week or two after that, and then we found some very grown up reason to stop talking to each other... and well, that was that! That's pretty much my whole first little pseudo- relationship in a nutshell. And there hasn't been much of interest to report in my dating life since then!

The day you graduated highschool/college.

The day I graduated from high school I remember my mom made me eat breakfast... Though I don't know why it was so important that day because I never ate breakfast. The graduation was down at the civic center, so we went there ahead of time (as graduates are often required to do) we got situated, alphabetized, and all cap-&-gowned. We walked down the aisle, and three of the nerdiest, most socially clueless kids in my graduating class gave their speeches. I can remember thinking that the speeches the year of my brother's grauation and the year immediately preceeding my own were FARRRRR superior to all three speeches that I was treated to. After graduation was over we graduates all filed outside and I was approached by a rather sleazy girl who had umm... been "friends" with my older brother. She said something to the effect that she would miss me, though I don't know why because we were not friends. And then her grandmother approached me and said something that indicated that she felt that her grand daughter and my brother were "meant to be" and that time would tell how their love would play out... Mind you that this is on MY graduation day, and that at the time my brother was in a long term relationship with a different girl who he'd been seeing for over a year and a half at the time... Yeah, that family is a little sick in the head.
My family then tracked me down in the crowd of graduates and we all went to dinner at a local steak house... Which seemed a little ironic to me because I haven't eaten steak, or any red meat for that matter, since I was a sophomore in high school.

College graduation I posted about back when I graduated. (Check around the 21st.)

Christmas, as a child, at your parents. (Hey, maybe it will get everyone to accept that fall is coming!)

I'm not posting anything about Christmas because that would mean that I would have to accept that fall is here and that winter is on the way. Sorry.

First time you remember getting drunk and what funny things you might have done.

Hmmmmm... The first time I got drunk I was probably in 8th grade. I spent the night at my friend Karie's house. Her parents were the wealthy socialite types, and they were off gallivanting somewhere else. And as any self-respecting absentee socialite parents would, they of course had a very well stocked liquor cabinet. 4 or 5 screwdrivers later, well... let's just say that we found the TNT James Bond marathon way more amusing than it was in reality. I do believe there was some foosball and dancing wildly to whatever music was handy at the time...Then of course we had chocolate chip pancakes the next morning. It was lovely.

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