Thursday, September 28, 2006

I really like my new office!

I don't have to tell you kids that I am in much better sorts now that I am gainfully employed, you know that already. (And I would like to thank all of you who have taken time out of your schedules to write e-mails and comments of a congratulatory nature. It's nice to see that I am not the only one who is really happy about this!)

And now that I've been there for a little over a week, it's become apparent that my co-workers are getting comfortable around me. They are becoming acclimated to my presence, and loosening up enough that along with the work we do, we also get some laughs in. While answering calls this afternoon I definitely had to suppress giggles to field questions from clients. We talked about the Whitney Houston comeback. We joked about some former employees. We talked about Halloween costumes.

I've impressed the bosses a few times either by doing stuff they didn't expect me to know how to do, or by showing them a new and better way of doing things they already do. I've managed to not get yelled at or lectured for doing things wrong. (I hope it's not wrong that I secretly enjoy it a little bit when the people who have been there for years get reprimanded for doing something wrong. Don't get me wrong here, it's not because I want them to get reprimanded, because I do like them and I don't want them to get reprimanded, but because it means that I am not the one getting the reprimand and because I am doing my job well.)

Basically, we're all starting to get used to each other, and I think this is a really good fit for me. I am already more comfortable at this office than I ever was at my old office... And that's saying something.


(Jamie's brother came in to see her at work)
Jamie: "HEY! How are you? Come around here! I'll give you a tour of the office."
Brother: "Ok. Ok. Oh, this is a nice office. You all have a pretty sweet view."
Jamie: "And this is my desk."
Brother: "Oh, so this is where you get paid to sit around watching YouTube all day."
Jamie: "I might watch a little YouTube, but that's not why they pay me."
Brother: "Jamie, if that's not what you're being paid for, then I really don't want to know what it is that you're being paid for... Or why kneepads qualify as a business expense."

And a couple more, since I didn't post them for so long...

Jamie: "Scott, I have a question for you?"
Scott: "What?"
Jamie: "Does your girlfriend clean up after you at home?"
Scott: "No, I clean... I spent like an hour cleaning my place last night, why?"
Jamie: "Oh, so it must be that you are just so exhausted from cleaning there that keeps you from cleaning up anything here."
Scott: "What are you talking about? I clean up after myself here."
Liz: "Yeah, well, wiping up the drool on your desk after your afternoon office nap doesn't count as cleaning."


Scott: "I'm leaving now... I've got a tour this afternoon."
Jamie: "Scott, don't lie. You're going home early. Don't act like you actually work in the office."
Scott: "Oh yeah, I don't work in the office, which must be why I was here until 9PM last night."
Liz: "Scott, you were here until 9 last night because you didn't do anything all day, so you were shuffling things around to make it look like you got something done."
Scott: "Hey! I do work in my office! And I was doing work until 9 last night."
Tiesha: "Watching porn doesn't count as work."

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