Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thanks for noticing!

I checked my comments when I got home from work and even though the comments were limited today, I was particularly touched by one of them. Debbie from Fresh Air Lover noted that I sounded happy again, and that it was good, because that's the lizzle you all know. And to that I have to say, THANK YOU. I AM HAPPY! And as much as my problems might have mounted over the course of the last few months, they feel like nothing now. I can handle it. I can do it all! Because that's what I do. I get up in the morning, I put my pants on one leg at a time, I go to work, I earn an honest living, I kick ass, I take names, and I do it all with a smile on my face. (Er, um, well, I don't wake up in the morning with a smile on my face... I wake up a grump, but that's what coffee is for!) And for as much as I bitched about things recently, I plan on making it up to you. You are the best damn readers on the internet, not only because you have the quality sense of humor and general good sense to read my blatherings, but you also stuck it out! You rode it out with me down there in the trenches. A lot of bitches would (and did) give up their readership. (Yeah, I keep track of the numbers.)

I was so glad that someone other than my mom took the time to actually tell me that I sound happy. And that that's more like the Liz they know. It reaffirms my belief that you all are not only readers, you are friends. And I'm glad to have people around me (and spread all over the world) who just want me to be happy, and for that to be enough. Not everyone has that kind of support system, and I'm really grateful for mine!

(Deb, expect a phone call soon... Or just call me whenever it's convenient for you... whatever.)

Tomorrow is casual Friday at work. I will be wearing jeans and my absolute favorite sweater. (It's a plain black sweater that used to belong to a boy, but I snagged it because it was big and comfy and I loved it.) And although all of my Fridays for the last few months have had an even more lax dress code (meaning if I wasn't interviewing I stayed in a t-shirt and jammie pants all day,) I'm actually really excited to have an office with a casual Friday in the policy.

In unrelated news, I will end the speculation about my sister's wedding. She called it a shotgun wedding because it's being planned on a shotgun-style timeline. Not because there is a baby or a shotgun involved. She is not pregnant. [EDIT] And as for the speculation that I will not be attending, I say, OH FUCK THAT BULLSHIT! I'm not gonna miss my sister's wedding! It might be a little nothing of an actual wedding because she had to skip a lot of the normal planning for the sake of time, but it's my sister, and I have every intention of attending. (Besides, I don't get invited to many weddings... Perhaps because I am only good for crass jokes and draining the bar, but those are both welcomed in my family, so you know I've gotta go to this one.)

So that's that.

And in the words of Heidi Klum:

Auf Wiedersehen

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