Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've found the new quote source...

One of the people in my office seems to be a heck of a lot more quotable than the rest. She's yet to really let it all fly, but, I have a feeling that given time, she's going to wow us. (Either that, or these are going to be as good as the quotes get.)

"I have my conjugal visit tonight! Actually, my gay husband is coming over for dinner... I feed him, and then he sits on my couch and screams at the television while watching 'Deal or No Deal'... And occasionally he fixes things." ~Leslie

Kim: "I'm sorry. I know that you're in the middle of a rant, but I need to interrupt."
Leslie: "Oh, that's ok, it wasn't a rant. It was an oration."
Kim: "I see, well sorry, but..."
Leslie: "One can never rant until after lunch... At least not in polite society."

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