Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm not going to pretend that this was a good day for anyone...

The date holds a lot of significance for us all. It's a day that we should all do our best to observe and honor. It's important. I know that what happened 5 years ago touched many of you on a personal level. I had no direct link to the events, and I know that I was impacted. While marking the 5 year anniversary might be unpleasant to some, observing the anniversary was a humbling part of what was to become a really ugly day for the lizzle.

I got up early. I watched the coverage of the assorted services being held. I had my coffee. I went to a prayer service being held at my church to make me feel like I at least observed the day in a serious way. And when the short service was over, I knew I had things to do.

I set out to go to an interview with a staffing company that I had set up late last week. The interview was fine, but nothing to write home about. But they kept me a little longer than I anticipated. And I had another interview to get to. I knew I had to hustle my ass to make it on time. And it was roughly this point in time when I realized that I had forgotten my phone, and was unable to call and let them know I was detained, but on the way. And in my frenzied hustle to make up for my detainment, I caught my heel on a ventilation shaft cover and broke the heel off my shoe. And so I am walking like a gimp to where I need to be, and as I'm standing waiting for the pedestrian signal to change, I get splashed by a bus driving through a large puddle in front of me. I eventually get where I'm going. I am 15-20 minutes late for my interview. Other than being late, (and probably looking like a gimpy wet rat,) I nailed the interview. I had the experience they were looking for, I knew the industry, etc. But I have a feeling that being late and not calling might be quite the deal breaker here, (despite my sincerest and profuse apologies.)

I am a little frazzled at this point. I'm at the end of my rope... Part of me is tempted to tie a noose in that rope and slide it over my head! (No, I'm not serious about that, I'm just frustrated and needed to make the joke... Even a morbid joke is still a joke.)

There's more to it but I think you're getting an accurate picture.

Leave some love in the comments. I need it today! (I'm double booked for interviews tomorrow too!)

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