Thursday, October 05, 2006

A couple of things...

First off, a quick note about my home, and a science question.

This evening I went into my kitchen. I found the trash can full and decided to take it out to the dumpster. I began to tie the garbage bag closed only to find a sudden flood of fruit flies coming out at me. (Now, before you judge, I do take my trash out regularly, so don't think I'm living in filth or anything... like I said, they were in my trash can, and the trash does go out regularly.) I guess this week I just had something that seemed particularly attractive to the fruit flies that I threw out, thus the presence of them hanging out in my trash can without any noted presence anywhere else in my apartment. But since a bunch flew out as I closed the bag, I am seeing them elsewhere, but I don't leave food out in the open, so they don't have anything to feed on and will soon be gone. I hope.

Science question: Where the hell do the fruit flies come from? I mean they weren't there before, and then BAM! They are hanging out all over my discarded produce. Do they spontaneously materialize when the gods note that you throw out a couple apple cores and a rotten tomato? And secondly, is there any quick way to be rid of them?

Ok, moving on...

I think it would be fun to share my new office with you! So here are some pictures with an explaination of what you're looking at!

First off, several companies have been doing some strange promos down by my new office. I must say I felt pretty bad for this poor guy... I mean they dressed him up like a giant toilet brush! My first question was "WHY IS THERE A NINE FOOT TALL TOILET BRUSH STANDING THERE!?!?" (That question was soon answered.) But my second, and probably more important question is, who the hell thinks, "Hey! I think I need to design and fabricate a giant toilet brush costume!" and who the hell says, "Hey, we need to buy a giant toilet brush costume! This is going to be a versatile tool for us!" really? Who does this?

My first question was answered when the guy handed me this flyer: The answer, a resounding NO!

Once we get into the building and take a little elevator ride up, and a little walk down the hall, you come to the lobby of my office. My office takes an interesting approach to the lobby concept. Yeah, there is some seating on both sides of the lobby, (you can't really see the area on the right.) And yes there is interesting art on the walls. And yes there are a couple of plants. But the first thing that most people notice are the little "windows." Go to the window on the right, and you get to talk to Jamie. She's lovely. Go to the window on the left and you get the Lizzle! And well, you all know about the Lizzle!

This is where the Lizzle actually does her work. It doesn't look like much, but there are some personal touches in there that have been cut off. See my window? Yeah, I am so thinking about putting on puppet shows for corporate guests!

This is one of the views from my office conference room. It's Daley Plaza... Home of the famous Picasso sculpture.

This is a view looking another direction from the conference room. That's State Street down there... and I don't care what ANYBODY says, that store down there on the corner is Marshall Field's. As a Chicagoan, I couldn't respect myself if I didn't say this. IT WILL ALWAYS BE MARSHALL FIELD'S! ALWAYS!

I hope you've enjoyed our little photographic tour! This concludes our show for today. Please comment and exit in an orderly fashion.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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