Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I feel like such an asshole...

I'm going to freely admit that I have slacked off lately. While I have been reading your blogs, I have not been commenting like I usually do.

To be honest, I've been running around like a damn fool trying to get my finances back on track, trying to rearrange my apartment, and clean up all the mess involved with that, trying to pare down some of the crap I've amassed since coming to Chicago, (for the record, that's FIVE YEARS of crap,) and trying to manage all that goes into being an adult, like laundry, dishes, trips to the grocery, cooking, cleaning, etc. And while some days are slow at work, other days have been HECTIC. As a result, I've been to exhausted to be witty, (as evidence, you have this less-than-polished post) and I really only like to post a comment if I honestly have something to say, and I can say it in a funny way.

I honestly can't explain how excited I am to "fall back" in like 10 days, if only so that I'll have a day with an extra hour in it!

I'm sorry guys. I'm really hoping next week will be better.

Oh and as for PR, I think Uli got robbed!

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