Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm ripping people off now...

The Idle Receptionist composed a post in which she talked about ten songs in her musical shuffle... I don't have a whole lot to tell you, so I'm gonna rip her off and talk about 10 songs that play consecutively on my itunes.

  • "Walking In Memphis" - Pat McGee - A remake of the of the original by Mark Cohn that was popularized in the early 90s. Back when the original was kinda big I LOVED THIS SONG! I know that as a kid I was digging on some serious power ballads and cheesy tunes that were really at their peak, but the original version of this song has always stuck with me... I love this version as well, and I have sought out other people's covers of this tune... Few are as successful as this one. I dig it.
  • "Wild Horses" - The Rolling Stones - One of the greatest bands of all time to be sure, (if only for the sake of longevity... I mean REALLY!) This is one of those tunes that has been popularized largely by covers done by other bands... The original is incredible, but in all honesty, I also love to hear it sung by a female vocalist. It's one of those tunes that sticks with you.
  • "Bartender" - Keri Noble - Not one of those tunes that you would hear on mainstream radio... And that's an unfortunate oversight on behalf of pop culture. A truly talented singer, using the song to tell her story of woe to a bartender/listener. Just amazing.
  • "Space Oddity/ Ground Control to Major Tom" - David Bowie - There really is no explanation necessary is there? Well, if there is, then suffice it to say that classic Bowie just really does it for the Lizzle no matter what mood she's in. PERIOD.
  • "If You're Gonna Be Dumb..." - Roger Alan Wade - This is as close to country as I will ever get. EVER. (Ever so slightly,) popularized by the first Jackass movie this tune was an anthem for the Lizzle in tougher times... Because the Lizzle is notoriously dumb in certain situations. If you don't have this one, track it down. You might have a tough time finding it on it's own, but it's worth the effort, if only because it's just a fun song!
  • "Feels Like Rain" - Aaron Neville - Bluesy, slow-dancing perfection. Pretty much what we've all come to expect from Aaron Neville. And we all know that the one thing that the Lizzle wants is just to slow dance in the middle of the living room with a decent boy... This would be one of those perfect songs for that occasion, which seems destined never to come to pass. It's a shame.
  • "Candlelight" - Imogen Heap - Heavily piano-driven, with a compliment of strings and a strangely haunting voice that you might be familiar with from the band "Frou Frou." Imogen Heap is one of those people who you either really dig, or you really don't. Personally, I dig it.
  • "Nothing Left to Lose" - Mat Kearney - Another one of those male-vocalized semi-emo-but-kind-of-not type of tunes. I love it. Deal with it.
  • "Crazy Mary" - Eddie Vedder - I found this song by accident a couple of years ago. And I have been hooked ever since. Yeah, I am a Pearl Jam fan anyway, but seriously, if you can't find this song, find me, and I'll give it to you!!!
  • "Pink" - Aerosmith - What? This is one of my favorites in an extensive Aerosmith collection! I mean if you don't smile at the lyric, "Pink, it's like red, but not quite," then you just have no soul... YOU HEAR ME? YOU HAVE NO SOUL!
  • BONUS TRACK: "Lay Me On the Water" - Gavin DeGraw - If you like anything by Gavin DeGraw, you'll like this song. Though not widely known, it's my favorite Gavin DeGraw song. When I saw him in concert he played the opening bars during one of his interludes... And I about peed my pants with excitement. Turns out he was only teasing me. He didn't play it. But he still put on a damn good show... By far one of the most enthusiastic, playful, and energetic musicians I've ever had the privilege of seeing live. And a damn fine slow tune.
My itunes keeps pulling out all the stops... Continually picking awesome tracks and making me wish I could believe that you kids were interested at all by this post thus prolonging it well beyond the promised 10 tracks... If you like any of what I just mentioned and are curious about getting a closer look at the musical taste of the Lizzle, let me know, I'll give you some further recommendations... I love stuff that is not big on pop radio, but still manages to speak volumes if you're willing to listen.

In other news, I have switched shampoos, and right now I am vaguely amused by the fact that my hair currently smells a little like Downy fabric softener...

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