Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The lizzle didn't celebrate her birthday on birthday proper this year.

(Does anyone here think it's odd that I talk about myself in third person? Because as weird as it seemed in the beginning, I've grown strangely comfortable with it... AAAANYWAY...)

At work today there I received a lovely flower arrangement. The card was not signed, but since only a few people have my work address, I'm pretty sure I know where they came from. And for the record, I love them. They are beautiful. (I'll take a picture for you kids, so that you get to share in the joys of my birthday!)

As for my birthday in the office, I spent ALLLLLLLL DAAAAAAAAY working on a mailing that was already two days overdue, because ... Well, we won't get into why it was overdue, but I'll just say that I did it all. Researching, typing, printing, copying, collating, folding, stuffing, stamping, labelling, and sealing... Multiply that by 220 pieces, add that to fielding phone calls, e-mails, and faxes, typing up fresh correspondence, and getting those out, and well, that's the lizzle's birthday in a nutshell. And then she got home, had a glass of wine and a sandwich, and watched Project Runway and Six Feet Under. And you know what? I'm ok with that!

(Speaking of PR, how hot is this scandal? My bet is that Jeffrey will be allowed to show obviously, but officially, he isn't or wasn't in contention to actually win. And I LOVE IT!)

Tomorrow the office is getting me an ice cream cake, (because of a petty cash oversight, it was delayed a day, and that's ok with me.) I'll take a picture of that too!

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to round out my birthday with a hot shower (complete with my fabric-softener-smelling hair care products,) another glass of wine, and a nice long sleep in my big beautiful bed.


(Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You kids are so sweet!)

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