Monday, October 02, 2006

People wonder why I hate my hometown so much...

It's no secret that I think of my hometown with a great deal of disdain. It's by no means a "small town." With a population in the low 6 figure range it's a small city. Many people from towns with populations of 346, or say, even 9,000 would love to live in Evansville. They think of it as a lovely little metropolis. (They think this largely because they have never ventured far from their own little hamlets, and thus have no idea what a real city is.) But I digress...

I was trolling away messages of friends this evening, and I happened upon a link to this article. (NO, REALLY, read it!!!) Please overlook the typos, all that new-fangled technology like "spell check" or "grammar check" apparently was not even considered, let alone utilized. (They fear and scorn all that high-fallutin' tek-nol-a-gee.)

What scares the bejesus out of me is that though the article was written as a tongue in cheek commentary on the sad state of affairs that is the downtown area of my hometown, I have no doubt that there are people out there who think it's totally serious, and that this is an idea they really should consider.

It really is a miracle I left there with as much perspective on the wide world as I have. I think it's such a gross understatement to say that I never fit in down there. I have no qualms about telling you that if it weren't for my few remaining family ties down there, I would have no issue at all with disavowing any and all knowledge of my hometown. I mean I keep saying I left for a reason... People don't believe me.

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