Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reflections from square one...

Ok, this is my third try at this post. The first time blogger ate it. The second time my computer wigged out for a second, and poof, it was gone again... Let's hope that the third time is the charm.

Here goes nothing!


I called my mother to discuss my situation here...

She gave me the old gem, "That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger."

(First off, I'm glad I've got that one written down now... Heaven forbid we lose the formula for that brand of rocket surgery!)

I replied, "That may be the case, but I'd really like a period of atrophy."

And by atrophy, I don't mean to imply that I want or expect a part of life where nothing goes wrong. I am not asking to win the lottery, or to find suddenly that I have been left a fortune by some long-lost acquaintance who elected to put me in their will for lack of someone of equal or greater awesomeness deserving of inheriting such a vast fortune. I just want a period of time when I catch a few breaks, and occassionally things might happen to turn out well for me. I'm just asking for a little while when I can know the sensation of not only standing on my own two feet, but to also feel like I'm doing well for myself. (And maybe be able to afford a vacation to someplace where I have never been before... I'd like that opportunity.)


I am taking this rough spot as an opportunity to learn something about myself.

I figure if I'm going to have a rough spot, I might as well try and learn something from it.

I suppose that's the "make us stronger" part, huh?


Learning from tough times is one of those thinge we do, I suppose... I mean sure, you can learn from the good times too. But the tough times are always a kind of crash course in the life lessons, aren't they? I hate that accelerated learning curve thing...


I guess I'm just really hoping to get something out of this other than a piss poor credit score.

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