Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Well kids, Blogger has finally decided to cooperate with me, allowed me to upload all my pictures and publish the fine post you are currently reading.

I mentioned that the weekend before I left you all, I went out with Alana, and I didn't get around to posting those pictures until just now. We ended up in some hole in the wall bar called the Bel Air Club... I don't recommend it, unless of course you are really into creepy old men.

Heather is anything but camera shy.

Alana was drunk enough that she decided to pretend to be a member of the Bel Air Club's staff and started carding people and trying to tell them that they had to go because she was not convinced they were really over 21.

Dierdre told us at 11:30 that she was tired and headed home... And then we ran into her at the 4 AM bar that we ended up at that evening... She doesn't look so tired to me!

And when I made the "cock salad" remark, I was visiting with Anthony when this hot chick showed up...

God, I have some hot friends! (Anthony and Caro are UNDENIABLY hot!)

And shortly thereafter I hopped a plane, flew through insane storms and turbulence, and arrived safely so that the drinking and revelry of my family reunion could get under way! But we had to drive there first, because the cabins are out in the sticks! So we entertained the boys in the back seat...

Apparently we weren't that entertaining...

Or maybe we were... Cody sure seems to think so!

Thomas, my soon to be brother-in-law is well liked.

We had to put the kids to bed before the adults could really play... And we pleaded with my oldest sister to buy some pajamas for Tyler that didn't so closely resemble shorts worn by Mariah Carey.

... The slippers are hot though!

Just one last bit of fun before we bust out the booze! (Because inverted babies are always a good time!)

Now the liquor begins to flow, and Becky starts to molest Patsy.

Even Dorothy is drinkin!!! YOU KNOW WE'RE GONNA GET ROWDY!

Patsy is downing some wine from a regular old drinking glass... Apparently a standard wine glass couldn't contain the amount needed to get through this kind of night!

These are all of the crazed people I call my siblings... We are a strange and wonderful little bunch...
(From left to right: Kim, Becky, Bill, Jessica, Liz.)

And here's my brother and in all likelihood my future sister in law, Lisa.
We keep it relatively low-key Friday night so that Saturday can be spent engaging in assorted activities... This year, volleyball was the activity of choice... we spent the VAST MAJORITY of the day pummeling each other on the court... And only Thomas and I were injured in the process.

The minor injuries sustained were quite remarkable all things considered.

You can see in this picture that despite the athletic activity, none of us were really dressed for it... but that didn't stop us!

Cody was one of our better spectators, wearing what is undoubtedly the cutest shirt I've ever seen! (It has a little beaver on it, and underneath it simply reads, "Busy.")

Tarreck is always one to talk a big game, as we all know...

And then he runs off to abuse the young children... And eat their souls.

Mya made it out alive... and looking adorable as ever!

Fortunately, little Keaton got away too... Apparently Tarreck isn't the accomplished child trapper he claims to be. Like I said, he talks a big game though.

But then the children turn the tables on him...

And no one is the least bit concerned... because it's time to start the REAL drinking.

Tarreck has trapped Olivia and Mya... I have a feeling they slipped out of his clutches while he was passed out after Saturday night's heavy boozing.

The drinking increases along with the stakes as there is a heated game of Left Right Center with money riding on the line!! (I won 2 games, thank you very much.)

You have to be a true midwesterner not to laugh when you hear mention of "French Lick, Indiana" but even the most seasoned midwesterners laugh when Dorothy gets a t-shirt from French Liquors featuring a Rolling Stones style tongue.

Serious concentration and alcohol consumption over another round of Left Right Center.

Becky is a bit of a violent drunk... Julia seems well prepared for the attack though.

And after all, its family, so its all in good fun.

The pot grows on the Left Right Center game, and concentration wanes as the alcohol absorption rate increases.

Seriously, I think this might be the only way to lure such a diverse group of people into one activity... With booze and the prospect of winning the pot on such a big game!

Me and my cousin John... because I haven't been in a picture all night. (And from the looks of this picture, that's probably a good thing.)

Aunt Mary and John holding up a VERY intoxicated Angie... because that's what family is for!

And we wrap things up in the hot tub with a couple of beers... because we're not total hethens!

Upon my return to civilization, I found out that I was invited to another family reunion... This time for my dad's side of the family. And seriously, I just gotta say, that with cousins who came from the same gene pool, I'm struggling just to keep up.

I mean look at these kids!!! And would you believe that Abby is just FOURTEEN?

Yeah, so that's the family reunion roundup... I'm sorry if the pictures didn't quite capture the level of booze, or the incredible amount of fun, but I was too busy drinking and laughing to get much else!

I know I had a damn good time!!!

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