Friday, July 07, 2006

Unintentional comedy...

Ok, so I worked out, I did yoga and abs today, (I will say that I forgot just how intense of an ab and leg workout you get from just doing yoga... but I digress.) I am a big fan of the yoga workout because if you do it right you can still get a really good workout without wreaking havoc on your joints, and my knees are a DISASTER, so it's a good thing.

I'd like to note that it's tough to keep my focus on the yoga in the morning, because I live on the second floor of my building, right over the alley, and thus right over the dumpsters in said alley. The difficulty is that since my AC unit is kaput at the moment, and the building manager has yet to replace it, I have to keep my windows open, and a window fan on in order to keep things reasonably comfortable. The smell or garbage warming in the morning sun and wafting up into the apartment is EVER SO DELIGHTFUL in and of itself, but try focusing on holding a yoga pose and maintaining deep nasal breathing while enjoying that scrumptulescent odor as it blows across your face... MMMMM! (If you didn't catch any sarcasm in that last bit, just click away to yahoo games or something now, because if that's the case, I don't want you as a reader anymore.)

The unintentional comedy comes in here because after I was done with my yoga, and went to do the ab workout, (it's one of those ab workouts with a yoga ball.) I went ahead and did it but laughed at the guy on the workout tape, because he was just so unintentionally funny to watch... So what did I do, after my workout, I thought it might be funny to see the tape in fast forward... And I think the hearty laugh I had at the expense might have been a better ab workout than the exercises on the tape itself!

Watching people workout is funny. Watching one guy work out alone is either sexy or REALLY funny. Watching one guy work out alone with a yoga ball hilarious. And watching that guy work out alone with a yoga ball in fast-forward speed is just pure unadulterated comedy.

Eh, maybe its just me... At least I found a way to enjoy the workout, right?

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