Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm juvenile... so sue me. (UPDATED!!!)

Riding around the city of Chicago recently, I noticed a few peculiar signs. They were simple signs, featuring a bright red background with only a few words of text, and no pictures or any explaination to really show what the sign was advertising. You might be thinking to yourself, "Well if there was text, wouldn't that show what the sign was advertising?" Simple answer... NO.

Apparently there is one out there that I haven't seen firsthand, that reads; "I'm a hot toe picker."

Of the signs I have seen, one sign read, "The hat sells the sandwich."

Another sign read, "My boogers itch."

And my personal favorite read, "I pooted." (See illustration below.)

Well, after much discussion and juvenile laughter, we finally found out what the signs are for. They are ads for the Cartoon Network... Where we located this rather illuminating explaination.

UPDATE: For an even funnier explaination of that sign, go here, let the "game" load, and put together the first puzzle, the "I pooted" puzzle, (seriously, it'll only take you like 12 seconds and then you get a great animated reward... I'm promising it's worth it.)

Apparently I need to start watching cartoons again.

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