Friday, July 07, 2006

PICTURE PAGES! (Fourth of July Edition)

Last weekend, while momma was here, I mentioned that we went to Alana's annual Independence Day Weekend Barbecue. I also mentioned that my camera fell out of my purse when we were driving home, and that I didn't realize this until momma was already on her way back home. Momma mailed the camera back to me, and so here are the pictures from the event... (Warning: There are old man nipples ahead!)

Things started out calmly enough with a cornhole (bean bag) tournament. Here we see Ben and Jeff strategizing.

Here is a longer shot of the field of play for those of you who don't know about cornhole.

Kerri declares victory, and Heather just holds her beer.

It was also a celebration of Jeff-o's birthday!

It's still pretty calm, but then again, the sun is still up...

Larry harasses John a little bit.

Things heat up as the bocce balls come out! (There aren't more pictures of bocce ball because I was too busy chucking for the green team most of the time.)

Heather, looking like the hotness!

The Wascow brothers! John and Jeff-o! (This picture was taken not long before the farting story I mentioned that nearly had me peeing my pants with laughter.)

The sun has gone down, the liquor has been freely flowing for a while now...

And then the nipples come out.

Ron seems like a pretty tame guy...

And then he just decides to lose his shirt altogether.

Larry shows his off too... like any good host.

And then Mr. Pappas decided he wanted into the club.

And then he played the air guitar to some AC/DC.

And then he decided to dance for a while. (Please note Ron still has his shirt off.)

And he dances some more...

And here's one of me and momma!!!

And Heather and her momma!

These guys just keep going!

And going...

And going...

And going...

...And GOING.

As the late rains drove us inside, we kept on drinking and sitting around watching Jaws.

And at that point we knew that if we stayed much longer we'd never make it home. So we cut out because momma still had to drive home the next day.

And that's that. I hope it's evident just how much fun we have at this thing! (Which reminds me... That family reunion is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!)

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