Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend at Lizzle's...

As you all know by know, momma came up for the weekend. Not having seen momma in 6 months, this was a much anticipated visit. She got in late Thursday night, and we enjoyed dinner and a movie and called it a night, because momma had worked all day before making the trip.

Friday we took Anthony out to lunch, hung out at his new condo for a little while and had a pleasant evening in, because when you haven't seen momma for six months, you want to really enjoy time together.

Saturday morning, we had our eyebrows done, had lunch and went shopping for new purses, because as we all know, I am a bag hound, and I come by it honestly, because momma is the same way. We then picked up a bottle of wine for our hosts and headed out to Alana's annual early July suburban barbecue. The event is infamous for being a rather rambunctious affair, and this year's edition lived up to the standards of years past. And while there were many pictures taken of the evening, my purse spilled in the car on the way home, and we didn't discover that my camera was still under the seat until after momma began the trek home. (She's mailing it back to me, so there will be pictures eventually.)

An aside about the guests at this year's event - My friend Jeff brought his dad and his brother to the barbecue this year. It has long been declared that Jeff comes from a notoriously gassy family. A family of farters if you will. And all doubt was removed at about 8 PM when Jeff's brother John decided to leave the party and went to say goodbye to his father. Instead of shaking his hand or hugging his son to say farewell, Mr. W. just walked in the general direction of the bathroom, and ripped one as he exited the room. Apparently this is an all too common event in this family. I nearly soiled myself with laughter, though it is entirely possible that you had to be there to appreciate the hilarity.

But just so you get an overall idea, there was a great deal of food, there was world cup soccer, there was Belmont horse racing, there was bocce ball, there was a cornhole tournament, one of Alana's aunts was raffled off, there was (of course) free-flowing liquor, there were animals, and there were old men showing off their nipples for the camera... Actually, there was a whole lot of that last thing... It was like old men gone wild.

We came home to discover that someone had stolen momma's hanging basket off of my window sill, and so we were upset but thought it best to just sleep off the beer and tequila.

Momma left Sunday morning.

I spent Sunday evening at Ciara's, and I finally saw Memoirs of a Geisha. (Good movie, although the book is still ten times better!) And on the train ride home I was hit on by the skeeziest of skeezy guys... but we won't get into that, unless you kids really want to know.

Sorry this post wasn't as funny or eventful as possible, but it's 3 AM, so I lack the will to really give it the oomph it would otherwise garner. Have a lovely day.

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