Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'll make this quick...

I didn't do much today... Looked for a job, made some calls. You know the drill.

My friend Beth was in town on business, so we went out for dinner and drinks downtown and we BS-ed for a few hours. It was lovely. I am now a little drunk, and I have a headache... And since I am not dating anyone neither of these things is a problem.

Please allow me to note that Wednesday will be bringing the biggest TV highlight for me since March Madness... (Because as much as I love my Cubbies, they have been tough to watch this year... It happens, but you gotta stick with your team in good times and bad in order to call yourself a REAL fan.)

What is it you ask?


I love it, and no matter what you say, its a big deal for me... and Y'all know I don't watch tv!

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