Friday, August 11, 2006

The day the blogging died...

This is a public service announcement courtesy of the happy hour:

It's time to get serious my children.

It's a sad sad day in blogger land.

As I made my rounds, reading my usual daily fare, I came across a post that deeply saddened me.

Our darling KellyNellyNelloWhatever is packing it in. That's right. If you haven't already seen it for yourself, please take a moment to venture over and see for yourself.

After a period of cowering in the corner of my apartment, moaning gutterally, and begging the good lord for a reason why he would see fit to curse me with this on top of my employment (or complete lack thereof) misery, I regained a little bit of perspective... Perhaps to make up for the little bit of dignity I left over in the corner.

My new-found perspective told me that I was being selfish. I'm sure that Kelly has a very good reason for giving up on her pursuit of internet celebrity, and her achievement of general awesomeness. I'm sure that there's been some serious thought behind such a big decision. I can't imagine what her reasoning might be, but knowing Kelly, it's relatively rational and thought out.

Having been a so-so blogger with the occasional decent day of material for over two years now, I can tell you that there have been times when I'd go through a funk, and think about calling it quits, but after a couple of days, I always came to the conclusion that I would miss it, and that I liked the idea of writing for an audience that was comprised of folks who I knew, and many that I don't... It made me feel like people outside my immediate circle of friends and family actually gave a damn about what I did, which was kind of strange, and more than a little bit of a pleasant surprise. And during that two years, I'm sure that I've pissed a few people off, (my life is a daily excercise in pissing off all the wrong people, and occasionally apologizing to the few right ones that I upset, but that's beside the point,) and I'm sure that there have been stretches that have undoubtedly reduced you to streaming tears of boredom... But I try to redeem myself when I know I've been cruel to you like that, and most of the time I try to keep you vaguely entertained, (which is only slightly different from how I approach my days, in that I am only trying to keep myself vaguely entertained).

But back to the matter at hand.

Please Nello, make this a hiatus, a sabatical if you will. Even if it's an extended one! We just want to know that one day you'll come back to us, and that things will be like they used to be. We need that kind of order restored to the world, and we will miss you while you are gone. The internet needs more people like you. Someone who is CONSISTENTLY an interesting read on a daily basis, and knows how to put together such beautiful web designs, and has adorable babies, and rarely allows me to go a day without laughter... All I can say is that while I know I will miss you, and I know many others who will as well, I will try to be supportive and to try to understand why you're giving it up, and pray for your eventual return. And if that day should ever come, we in the blogosphere will sing your praises, and you will be welcomed back to the sound of trumpets and ovations galore. (And that's just from those of us in Chicago!)

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