Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weekend madness...

Well, my children, it would seem that blogger is actually going to work for me right now... I'm not going to push my luck and try to get you totally caught up on what I've been up to lately, but I'll at least get you through this past weekend.

I mentioned to you all that I was going to the horse track on Saturday. Seeing that I don't exactly have money to blow right now, I didn't place any bets on the ponies, but I did call a couple of winners. Here are the pictures from race day:

We had seats right down on the finish line, so it was kind of sweet to see the horses up close... (I love horses, and if someone wanted to buy me a pony, I'd totally let them!) I've seen plenty of horses up close, and my dad used to take us to Churchill Downs for weekend picnics and race days all the time when we were kids, but I'm still always impressed by how pretty the thoroghbreds are.

Sunday brought me into contact with a whole other kind of animal...

Mee Mia, the cutest ugly dog out there.

Mia was around to help us celebrate Mary's 21st birthday... Mary's dad Mike threw a big party for her with a "stock the bar" theme. Guests were asked to bring gifts of alcohol, and/or things that will be useful to this future lush... (We took some good vodka and cranberry juice.)

Mary's little brother Jacob thought it would be fun to harrass poor little Mia.

And then he thought he'd harrass his big sister, the birthday girl, Mary... But they stopped long enough to pose for the pictures!

We then proceeded to take things outside, where we find James in a sombrero, with a 3 foot long sparkler, and an alcoholic beverage... because alcohol and fireworks are ALWAYS a good combination. (And if you think he looks a little wild now, just wait!)

And then there's the other James, and his inverted son Eli.

...I'm noticing a trend as to the number of inverted children we find on this blog... Hmmmmm... Curious...

And here's the first James, (sans sombrero) trying to clean a corroded penny with hot sauce... You think I'm just making this stuff up, but I'm not. (And yes, that is a fork wrapped around his wrist... In case that penny covered in hot sauce is just too irresistable when he's through with the demonstration.)

And of course, once you get the makeshift beer pong table set up, someone has to fill the cups.

And someone has to provide the tunes...

But it looks as though Buck, the guy providing the tunes blew out an eardrum... Or maybe he was just too hammered to go on...

After Mary passed out, (which is only natural on one's 21st birthday,) and the party more or less broke up, we forged on to the homes of other unsuspecting parents... Including those with a kiddie pool set up in the back yard for their granddaughter.

Kristin and James repeatedly BEGGED me to join them in the pool, being the smart girl that I am, and knowing how these kinds of pictures tend to resurface when people are running for public office many years down he road, I respectfully declined the invitation. (Michael K, you can feel free to use any of these **And I have more** in a "caption this" contest.)

Seriously, by the end of the night, I knew what it would be like to party with Britney and K-Fed! And while it is really funny to watch for a while, in the end its like a car wreck... You don't want to look any more, but you just can't look away.

And yes, his head is totally up her tank top. (And no, they are not a couple.)

Its almost like a baptism at one of those crazy tent revivals in the bible belt! Inflatable pool and all!!

And then the lap dances start... And I am even more pleased that I never entered the pool.

God, the things a few games of beer pong, and a little Christina Aguilera will do to people!

I have never been more glad that my pants stayed on in all my life... REALLY.

And so there you have it. Proof that I really am still in my early twenties... Most of the time I either drink at home like a grown up, or I act reasonably respectable in the bars that I visit... But then there's always that one time when the liquor gets flowing, and you just happen to be lucky enough to have brought your camera, and just barely sober enough to take some really great pictures without managing to embarrass yourself... In the words of Martha "I'm-not-a-crook" Stewart, "Its a good thing."

I'm headed home tomorrow, and I'll have a reliable connection to the internet then. I'll use that opportunity to bring you all the way up to speed then.

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