Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I never do QOTDs anymore...

QOTD conversation with Harsh:

[Harsh's phone rings]
Harsh: OOOH, it's Horsie!
Liz: Horsie? Who do you call Horsie?
Harsh: My ex-girlfriend.
Liz: You call your ex-girlfriend HORSIE?
Harsh: Uh, yeah.
Liz: Why, may I ask, do you call her Horsie?
Harsh: Because she's good looking... And I think horsies are pretty.


Harsh: You know, horsie sometimes gets mad at me. She gets worried that I equate her to such a large animal... And she would yell at me, and then I would have to tell her that's why she's a horsie and not a pony.
Liz: How do you mean?
Harsh: Ponies can't yell as loud as horsies... It's a scientific fact, horsies just yell louder than ponies! Look it up!

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Mervin said...

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