Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The lizzle was all excited. She was finally getting back on that motherf*kin' horse. She was more than ready to show that stupid nag who was boss. And that goddamn piece of crap horse kicked her in the head.

Yup. About 2 hours before my scheduled interview today I got a phone call saying, don't bother putting your fancy pants on, we hired someone else. Yeah. We hired them before we ever looked at what you had to offer... Because we are asshats like that.

So basically, the lizzle can't catch a break. And it blows.

So the wind has been taken out of my sails... I feel like eating cookie dough... But I can't afford to go wasting money to buy all the crap it would take to make cookie dough, and that crap in a tube just ain't the same thing. I guess my ass will thank my poverty later.

I'm going to go visit Anthony now because this slut needs a hug.

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