Saturday, August 05, 2006

So sue me...

Ok, so I lied about getting those pictures uploaded...

I'll get to them, REALLY, I will.

My sickness kept me in bed the majority of the day on Friday. I spent a little bit of time cleaning my place up, (though not nearly the time that I needed to spend,) and then I went out to Christine's for the flower slinging barbecue. I felt well enough to attend that, and I'm pretty sure that if I spend enough of my Saturday in bed, and cleaning my apartment that I will be ready to hang and host Jeffo and Karla.

I think its kind of important to make the place look great considering that Jeff is the baby brother of the guy I'm kinda dating right now. I'm really hoping I can wrangle this place into some kind of order in the next several hours so that I don't totally damage anyone's opinion of my taste or style... (Considering I need a great deal of sleep in order to be functional right now, I beg you to keep your fingers crossed on my behalf.)

I' m hoping that sometime on Saturday (if you're REALLY REALLY lucky,) or more likely on Sunday I will be able to load the afforementioned pictures and stories in addition to those yet to be fully realized so that my entertainment might better entertain you... Because after all, as much as this blog is literally about me, its also about you, and what you sexy bitches are willing to read and find the least bit amusing.

I'm feeling the healthy vibes you are all sending my way, and I am begging you to keep them coming!!!

I'll catch you kids later! Until then, be good!

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