Sunday, August 06, 2006

PICTURE PAGES! (A Rather Delayed Edition)

Due to illness, and the fact that I know most of you sexy bitches don't stop in on weekends, I am only now getting around to posting these.

These first few shots are from my last full day at home watching my nephews. Since it was my last day, and I knew I wouldn't be back for a while, Itook Tyler to Kids World, or as he likes to call it, "Pizza Planet." (I blame Toy Story for that one.) I would like it noted that when I picked out his outfit in the morning, I knew that pictures would be taken, and that this was THE SINGLE BEST T-shirt for the day. (That's one for all you SoaP fans!!) (**Speaking of SoaP, Jay found this for us... and I have been keeping myself entertained for quite some time manufacturing phone calls to my friends.**)

I sent him to play in the tunnels, and hustled that boat load of tickets for him, so that he could get that sword he had his eye on.

Yeah, he got that sword...

So now he is officially the super hero known as "Captain Underpants!"

Well upon my arrival home, I knew that I'd have to do everything I could to nurse myself back to health so that I could attend the annual flower slingin' barbecue... It's always a drunken good time with really good food! (Special thanks to Christine who hosts the event every year!)

Kristi isn't so sure about something...

Nate was there, but he cut out early. I felt it was important to supply photographic proof that he made an appearance this year.

Leslie looks plenty tan, but if you could see her tummy, it's day-glow pale. But we still love her, and she seriously works harder than anyone else out there!

And even though C gave up slingin for the real world, we still love her enough to invite her back!!

And then of course, I had house guests on Saturday... Here's Jeffo, showing us legal documentation that he is in fact licensed to carry firearms... That's a scary thought! (And yes, the background in this shot is a tiny glimpse into the casa de Lizzle.)

Here's Jeffo posing with the lovely Karla. They are obnoxiously adorable.

And they know how to light up a dance floor as well!

Seriously, my friends are some hot sluts!

Even if Jeff totally dances like the white boy that he is.

They really are obnoxiously adorable!

And then we got all the boys up on stage to dance around that stripper pole!

Chris is all smiles up on stage!

And Jeff really knows how to work a stripper pole!

And he doesn't mind a slap on the ass either...

Eddie, Karla, Jeffo, and Sam know what they're doing on the dance floor... I was a sweaty mess, and my feet hurt like no other, but I had a REALLY good time bumping and grinding with this group...
I love having house guests that are this much fun... (Even if Jeffo is a little gassy!) If you kids can hang with a crowd like this, you're welcome at my place ANY time!

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