Thursday, August 17, 2006

I don't even know what to say...

I was going about my business on Thursday, not knowing that anything had changed... Apparently I was wrong.

I contacted one of my friends via instant messenger, and he informed me that he was rather suddenly recruited to work a job, and that in order to work it, he has to move to New York in order to do it. He notes that he had to move tomorrow.

I am BEYOND shocked by this.

Seeing as this is one of my friends, and knowing that I will miss him a great deal, I offered to help him pack his belongings. He told me no, that after he'd finished packing that he would come down to my place, drink, pass out, and then leave in the morning.

That was fine by me. He was supposed to come down at about 2, and so I went and waited for him to show at the train. (I didn't take my phone, because I assumed he was on his way.)

After waiting a little over 30 minutes, I walk home and find that he'd called several times trying to see if I was still conscious... I called him back to see why he wasn't already on the train, and to find out where the hell he was now, and he said since I didn't answer my phone he wasn't sure I was still up and that he was headed for the train now...

Skip ahead to an hour later...

No call, no text message, no show...

That's right. It's his last night in town, he tells me he's done packing and that he's coming to visit and...

wait for it...

and he stood me up.

Yep. He stood me up.

I love him to pieces, and he told me he was on his way, and he's a no-show.

All I can really say to myself is that I should've known better.

Men suck.

I wish I didn't like the men so much!

It would make life so much easier!

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