Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday started off with good news. I like having good news before bedtime, it makes me sleep easier! My alarm was f-ed up again,(Boo,) so I thank goodness for that truck that woke me up at a little after 9. So I got up, went to school, got my brain & behavior test back... I was praying just to pass, but I must've known more than I thought I did because I ended up with a B! (Yeah Dave, I got a B.) (WOO HOO!) And so then it was off to Stats where I took what was possibly the easiest test EVER.... there weren't even any numbers on it! How crazy is a math test with no numbers? (CRAZY! LOVE IT!) I then ran off to the financial aid office for round five, and I finally got my meeting! And now I don't owe 11 grand, I just have to get a student loan for less than 4 grand so that I can pay rent all year. (GREAT....) 4 beats the hell out of 15 (because it would've been that 4 on top of the 11 grand from before... WHEW!) So then I went to the jewelry lab, where I fucked up my pin and mangled my hand (SONOFABITCH....) and then I went to work for a bit, got paid, (SWEET) and came home to have a nice visit with momma! (YAY) So we put in an appearance at the soccer game, which was an unfortunate loss (Poop.) and the women's volleyball game which was a win that was narrowly rescued from the crapper (YIPPEE) And the Cubs had a nice little win tonight to take the lead in the wild card race (SUPER SWEET!) An early bedtime will round out my Friday and Saturday will be spent rollin with momma, going to Dave's rock shop, sam's, target, you know.... fun stuff! Not that any of you are still reading any of this, because I know you don't care! Go ahead, say it. You know you wanna say it. "Just shut the hell up and stop bitching about your day and give me my quote of the day, you stupid cow!" WISH GRANTED!


9.25.04 - "Well, I've been living pretty much solely on alcohol, altoids, and gum." ~Matt Marek on his healthy diet.

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