Sunday, September 26, 2004

Phil called last night... I didn't take the call. I mean we haven't gone out in weeks, he's gone back to sucking on the phone when I do talk to him, we've been playing phone tag since this whole thing started, and then that shit Friday night.... So of course I didn't take the call. I'm kinda hoping he'll get the message. (This is very much NOT my style, but this has just gotten irritating beyond belief. So much so, that I would rather be alone on my birthday than have to worry with this mess.) Anyway, momma left this morning, the Cubs lost, the Bears lost, I spent a couple hours in the jewelry lab, and went to the grocery. That pretty much brings us up to speed, not that you care.

I met some of Jennie's mom's friends, and they are some fun ladies. In fact, here's a proof-positive quote of the day!

9.26.04 - "Yeah the guy who we gave the blowjobs to.... What? My son says it's not sex!" ~ Judy (a 50-something woman in Jennie's mother's prayer group)

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