Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"There's no such thing as a 'pretty good' alligator wrestler."
~Johnny Knoxville


Since coming to college, apparently I have spent so much time dressing like a scrub that people are utterly dumbfounded when I actually decide to take some time and put in a little effort when dressing for class. The trends seem to be as follows: freshman year was centered on jeans and tees, basically keeping things at a healthy balance between college-casual and real-world-practicality. Sophomore year saw the temporary end to any and all fashion sense. Junior year saw a continuation of the fashion-senseless trend... to be honest, I don't know what I was thinking! Actually, I do know... I wasn't thinking. I mean I go to a school almost entirely populated by women and homosexual men, so basically when getting ready for classes, I wasn't really thinking that I had to impress anyone. I also correlate the decline in fashion sense with the time spent at my job in the athletic department. Athletic department sweats were very easy to come by, and entirely too comfortable to pass up. I confess to my crimes of fashion.

So, what has inspired my transition into sudden fashion sensability? Well to be honest, it started out as just wanting to make a positive first impression on my professors...( you know how they say that the first impression is the only one that really counts, well I disagree with that, but it does admittedly have a pretty heavy weight.) So, I wear nice clothes the first couple days, and got some compliments, it's just like any other time that I'd periodically opt for nice clothing as opposed to scrubs, sweats, or jeans. Was this alone enough to prompt my sudden urge to continually get up earlier and actually REALLY DRESS for class? Of course not. Don't be silly!

So what was it? Yep, you guessed it, I've turned into a total lame-o. I am dressing nicer all because of a cute boy. Yep, that's right... I'm so lame that I have changed my wardrobe choices all because of a cute boy. (I'm shaking my head in shame because I'm turning into one of those horribly lame people that I tend to despise.) Basically, I ran into him on the one day that I decided to sleep in and go to campus looking like a scrub, and I've spent every day since in my cute clothes trying to redeem myself. (I AM ASHAMED.) The upswing is that I've been super cute and getting lots of compliments, which is really good for my ego, which has been properly inflated for the first time in a long time... despite the deflation coming at the hands of my own shameful behavior... it's a really sick cycle that I'm not entirely sure whether to attempt to escape. I mean I get complimented, I'm slowly recovering the fashion sense that I once abandoned outright like a baby girl born in Beijing, and the cuter pieces of my wardrobe are finally getting the use they so richly deserve, but at the same time I am SORELY ashamed of the fact that this all started because of a stupid boy... DAMN THEM ALL.


I need to take an opportunity to state in a more public forum that some people (Please noet that this is a PLURAL STATEMENT... PEOPLE, not A person,) are really starting to piss me off... I understand why plaigerism is such a big deal to people now... I'm not saying that I'm the most original or revolutionary thinker in the world, and I'm not saying that I've never taken someone else's idea before, but I've never been accused of plaigerism. There's a very simple reason for this: I cite people when I borrow their ideas, and when I have borrowed the ideas of others in the past, I borrow them to better explain or develop my own theories on the mater. To be frank, I could give a damn if people wanna take something I said and put it out into the world elsewhere, but dammit, I want credit where credit is due. If someone else said it, put quotes around it and say so! When are you gonna learn? Jerks.


I think it's really funny that Tiger Woods got himself a woman and has since stopped winning. Am I the only one who sees the comedy in this? It wouldn't be nearly as funny if we couldn't correlate the decline in his golf skill with the fact that he's gettin some from a swedish model... It's almost as funny as the persistence of Chuck Knoblauch's MLB career, which I can't really correlate with anything since he's sucked for a long-ass time and still manages to have a major league contract... even if it is only with the Royals. (Yeah, I'm a girl, and I know who Chuck fuckin Knoblauch is... and I know enough to know that his sucking is legendary.)


9.14.04 - "Damn you, Chuck Norris!" ~Bret (Yeah it's an old one that I never posted, but I've got nothing else for today.)

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