Monday, September 20, 2004

Well on the weekend rewind, I just gotta note that during the party there was one item that was unlawfully removed from the premises.

Missing: One toilet lid cover

Description: Green terry cloth, with black and white eyes; frog shaped

Last seen with: Mr. Bret Walker; suspect should be considered armed (yeah he's got 2 arms) and generally pretty harmless.

If found please inform the authorities or contact the rightful owner of the missing item described above. Do not attempt to approach the suspect on your own, he might bite when threatened.


9.20.04 - "Yeah, I was in sixth or seventh grade and we were left to roam around in the city... so of course we went into a sex shop, and the sales people start showing us toys and stuff... I was a little kid from a little town in Michigan, I was terrified out of my mind, I had no clue what a butt plug was... hell, I'm twice as old now and I'm still not sure what a butt plug is for." ~Nate

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